Revolutionary update for Kroon-Oil’s Bag-in-Box


In 2017, we introduced the Bag-in-Box as an alternative to the 20-litre plastic pail. To reduce plastic consumption and, therefore, decrease the waste of valuable resources, we have invested many of our resources into the development of the Bag-in-Box. Using our Bag-in- Box, we have already saved 150,000 kg (!) of virgin plastic and significantly reduced logistic emissions. In addition to these environmental benefits, there are more and more "Bag-in-Box Fans" due to the highly positive user experiences regarding pouring characteristics and efficient storage. This is proof that more sustainable solutions can go hand in hand with user- friendliness.

Continuous development

Users have fully embraced the packaging since we introduced the Bag-in-Box in the global oil market. Many oil companies have copied the Bag-in-Box concept, which illustrates the maturity of the packaging. For Kroon-Oil, the success story of the Bag-in-Box is the motivation to optimise this packaging format further and take another step towards user- friendliness. We have been listening carefully to user feedback. The feedback we have received includes the weight and shape of the packaging. An important result of this is the introduction of the 15-litre Bag-in-Box. This will replace the 20-litre Bag-in-Box. This new 15- litre Bag-in-Box is characterized by a better shape and lighter weight, contributing to user- friendliness.

Key principles

  • Save even more virgin plastic and CO₂ together with us.
  • Experience 100% user-friendliness.
  • Moisture-resistant and durable in use.
  • Effortless and spill-free use.
  • Efficient transport due to stackability and lighter weight. Optimal weight for logistic handling.


This brand-new 15-litre Bag-In-Box provides more convenience in your workshop, is better shaped, and is lighter in weight. The icing on the cake is the new (and super cool!) design, which gives the Bag-In-Box a complete update.

Order now

From now on, the new Bag-in-Box will be gradually introduced. Based on availability, the 20-litre variant will be replaced by the 15-litre variant in consultation with you. Orders can be placed through the ProShop, your Kroon-Oil contact person, or our sales office: +31(0) 546- 818 165 or

State-of-the-art Bag-in-Box production line

Currently, we are investing substantially in the acquisition of an autonomous Bag-in-Box filling machine. Due to the success and the consequent surge in demand for Bag-in-Box packaging, there is a need to increase production capacity. The implementation of this new production line is currently being finished, and we expect to start production on this state-of-the-art machine soon. This valuable addition to our production chain not only allows us to produce more efficiently but also provides opportunities to fill other packaging varieties in the future.

Phasing out the pail and sustainability

The pail is currently being phased out completely and will be replaced by our new 15 L Bag-in-Box packaging.

The investment in the new Bag-in-Box production line shows that we are going all-in on more sustainable packaging, which is one of the reasons for phasing out the pail.

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