Nel settore industriale è necessario garantire i più alti livelli di continuità, efficienza e affidabilità. A tale riguardo, l'utilizzo del giusto tipo di lubrificanti gioca un ruolo chiave.

Carichi pesanti e temperature estreme richiedono lubrificanti eccellenti in grado di "resistere". Kroon-Oil fornisce una ricca gamma di lubrificanti industriali minerali e sintetici che soddisfano qualsiasi requisito. La lubrificazione ottimale è assicurata



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Why Food Grade lubricants?

Consumer safety is one of the most important focuses in every production process. Products are tested for health risks such as carcinogenic effects, poisoning or skin irritations. Especially in the food and pharmaceutical industry, occasional contact between the lubricant and the product cannot entirely be avoided.

To give a few examples:

• Compressors that blow along small amounts of oil with the compressed air.
• Chains or conveyor belts that drip lubricants onto the underlying machines.
• Machines that leak oil due to unforeseen defects

These examples show that incidental contact with nutrients in many stages of the production process can happen and that it is almost impossible to rule out. In these situations, the use of non-toxic lubricants is of high importance: Food Grade lubricants. Our H1 registered products are ideally suited in these and other cases where incidental food contact may occur.


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