New at the Kroon-Oil family: Q5 MP Calcep Grease EP 2


We are excited to announce a new range of lubricating greases, starting with the Q5 MP Calcep Grease EP 2. This product has recently been added to our range of premium greases, complementing the existing lineup with its unique characteristics. This high-quality grease cartridge, together with the rest of the range, comes with a new design, clear and recognizable.

Read below to discover what makes the Q5 MP Calcep Grease EP 2 so special.


Most lubricating greases in the market are still based on lithium soap thickeners. These greases are widely applicable, have good general properties, and always offer a good price-quality ratio.

However, the global increase in vehicle electrification is leading to exponential growth in the demand for lithium worldwide. This development increases lithium prices internationally, which could remove the significant advantage of value for money for lithium greases shortly.

However, Kroon-Oil wouldn't be Kroon-Oil if it didn't react to his development by introducing a new range of high-quality lubricating greases based on water-free calcium soap thickeners. We are excited to introduce our latest product, the Q5 MP Calcep Grease EP 2, to our line of greases. It has advanced features that exceed our trusted MP Lithep Grease EP 2, creating an even better lubrication experience.

Lithium vs. calcium

The Q5 MP Calcep Grease EP 2 is a high-quality multi-purpose grease with extreme pressure additives that can be used in various applications, including agriculture, earthmoving, industry, and several automotive settings.

The soap thickener based on anhydrous calcium provides overall enhanced performance, allowing longer drain intervals compared to MP Lithep Grease EP 2 and offering extended protection against corrosion and wear to your equipment. In the performance spider webs in the figure below, you can see that the new Q5 MP Calcep Grease EP 5 has a higher load capacity and significantly improved performance under damp and wet conditions. Other benefits include improved pumpability and higher mechanical stability. An additional advantage is that calcium greases can be produced in a much more environmentally friendly way than traditional lithium greases, which means that in addition to the better performance, their use is also kinder to our environment. In short, a better-quality product and better for the environment at a comparable price level.

Q5 MP Calcep Grease EP 2


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