New in our assortment: Q11 Xtreme Duty Grease EP 2


In our recent newsletter, we mentioned the introduction of several new greases. In this edition, we are presenting a new state-of-the-art product: Q11 Xtreme Duty Grease EP 2. The application of advanced Mixed Complex thickener technology makes this premium product the perfect choice for heavy-duty applications such as marine, dredging/ offshore applications, mining and heavy off-road applications. 

Furthermore, in this bulletin we once again highlight our Compound OGL EP 0/1. This very high-quality product is also based on a Mixed Complex soap thickener.

Mixed Complex thickener

Special Mixed Complex thickeners combine the characteristics of lithium complex thickeners (high-temperature range, excellent mechanical stability and good pumpability) and calcium sulfonate thickeners (extremely high water resistance, extremely high load capacity and resistance to shock loads) into one product!

Another advantage of Mixed Complex thickener technology is that it allows anti-wear and extreme pressure additives to be integrated directly into the soap structure, so they are always in direct contact with the components to be lubricated. This eliminates the need for solid lubricants such as graphite or molybdenum disulphide (MoS2), with the significant advantage of creating a transparent lubricating film that allows for a clear view of the running surfaces at all times during maintenance and inspection.

Q11 Xtreme Duty Grease EP 2

Extreme load capacity and superior water resistance make this new product perfect for heavy-duty applications in wet and/ or corrosive environments. Examples include various branches of heavy industry, earth-moving and the agricultural sector, for example heavily loaded open gears of slewing rings on excavators. 

The absence of solid lubricants allows for easy inspection and prevents the build-up of hardened layers of solid lubricants in the applications. Q11 Xtreme Duty Grease EP 2 is also very suitable for slow-running, highly loaded bearings, pin-bus joints and heavy-duty steel cables. For extremely heavily loaded open gears, Compound OGL EP 0/1 is recommended.


  • NLGI 2
  • Base oil viscosity 40°C: 460 mm²/s
  • 4 ball welding load: > 7500 N
  • Temperature range: -20°C / +120°C
  • EMCOR salt corrosion test: <1 – 1 (on a scale from 0 (no corrosion) to 5 (severe corrosion)

Compound OGL EP 0/1

A “ state-of-the-art” Open Gear Lube (OGL) for extremely heavily loaded open gears. In these industries, the transparent lubricating film, with no build-up of solid lubricants, is a significant advantage that makes this product stand out in the market.

Because there is no build-up of solid lubricants, damage and wear is avoided and the gears can easily and quickly be inspected for wear during operation as there is no hard black layer on the running surface. What also makes this grease unique is that it behaves like an NLGI 2 product at a standstill (providing perfect adhesion and sealing) and like an NLGI 0/1 grease under load. These properties make this product highly suitable for the lubrication of, among others, very slowly rotating and heavily loaded open gears, telescopic masts/ support legs, fifth wheels, steel cables and drive chains in marine, earth-moving and heavy industries.


  • NLGI 0/1
  • Base oil viscosity 40°C: 840 mm²/s
  • 4 ball welding load: > 7500 N
  • Temperature range: -25°C / +150°C
  • EMCOR salt corrosion test: <0 – 0 (on a scale from 0 (no corrosion) to 5 (severe corrosion)

All benefits of both Mixed Complex products

  • Highly viscous lubricating film, making it resistant to extreme (shock) loads
  • Transparent lubricating film, making inspection and maintenance easy
  • Very low friction at high load, resulting in reduced operating temperature and extended component life
  • No build-up of solid lubricants; no contribution to misalignment or vibration
  • Excellent pumpability; no clogging of pipes and nozzles/manifolds
  • Reduced energy costs and cleaner machines

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