1 x 20 L can 35865

Coolant -33 MPG is a silicate-free Long Life coolant, containing monopropylene glycol (MPG) as the main component. As MPG is not harmful in accordance with EEC criteria, this is an outstanding coolant for use in sectors where toxicity must be avoided. This product has the following properties:

  • Provides effective protection of the metals in the engine
  • Has a long service life due to silicate-free technologies
  • Very effectively lowers the freezing point
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-harmful in accordance with EEC criteria


Coolant -33 MPG is a non-toxic, green, practically odourless hygroscopic MPG-based coolant and can be used as a coolant in the food industry and horticulture. It can also be used in cooling systems in combustion engines and as a heat transfer fluid in solar cells, air conditioning systems, heating systems and in cold stores and freezer rooms.
Coolant -33 MPG provides frost protection down to -33 °C.