20 L can Kroon-Oil Coolant SP 17

Available packagings

1 x 20 L can 32829

Coolant SP 17 is a high-grade, ready-to-use, red, Long Life coolant (frost protection down to -38°C) for Heavy Duty applications. Thanks to the addition of special carbolic acids, nitrite and molybdate, this product offers superior protection against corrosion. Coolant SP 17 protects all metals and plastics, enabling vulnerable components, such as radiators, water pumps, thermostats and gaskets to have a longer service life.


Coolant SP 17 is suitable for use in modern Heavy Duty combustion engines in vehicles such as trucks, agricultural vehicles, construction machinery and stationary industrial motors. Coolant SP 17 is ready to use and provides frost protection down to -38°C. This high-grade Long Life coolant can be used in all engines that require a coolant that fulfils the Caterpillar specification CAT EC-1 and the MAK specification A4.05.09.01.

Product specifications

Caterpillar, CAT EC-1
MAK, A4.05.09.01