12 x 250 ml tin 36106

Petrol Treatment is a cleansing petrol additive. It cleans the entire fuel system. Petrol Treatment optimises fuel consumption, leads to cleaner exhaust gases and improves the combustion and performance of your engine. The professional formula provides the following benefits and properties:

  • Cleans and lubricates the entire fuel system
  • Optimises fuel consumption
  • Leads to cleaner exhaust gases
  • Improves the combustion and performance of your engine
  • Provides the top lubrication and lubrication of the injectors
  • Removes carbon and varnish deposits from intake and exhaust valves, combustion chambers, piston ring grooves and lambda sensors
  • Neutralises harmful acids in the tank


Petrol Treatment is compatible with all kinds of petrol up to and including E10. It is recommended to use Petrol Treatment during each service or at least 1x per year to ensure optimum performance of the engine.

Instructions for use:
Add a dose of 250 ml to the fuel. One dose is sufficient for a tank volume of 50 litres.