12 x 250 ml tin

Part.nr.: 36109

Oil Treatment is a highly effective cleansing motor oil additive for application with new motor oil. Special and advanced additives provide the following benefits and properties:

  • Removes varnish deposits from valve stems and precision-engineered engine parts, such as camshaft phasing units and hydraulic tappets
  • Removes deposits from the piston ring grooves
  • Reduces the formation and deposition of sludge in the motor oil
  • Reduces oil- and fuel-related deposits
  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Has a cleansing effect from an oil temperature as low as 30°C


Instructions for use:
Oil Treatment is compatible with all kinds of motor oil, incl. Low-SAPS motor oil. Oil Treatment is recommended for all engines that are susceptible to sticking valves or ticking of hydraulic tappets, irrespective of mileage. Adding this product does not reduce the effect of the oil additives already present. Add a dose of 250 ml per 4 litres to the new motor oil.