12 x 1 L bottle

Part.nr.: 37200

Enersynth (P)HEV 0W-8 is a modern and extremely low-viscosity, synthetic engine oil. Due to the fact that very low-viscosity engine oils contribute significantly towards a reduction in fuel consumption, the use of these oils is increasingly being prescribed by the manufacturers for their very latest models. Specially selected synthetic base oils combined with advanced additives give the product the following properties:

  • A very high level of fuel saving
  • A high and stable viscosity index
  • Effective resistance to shearing
  • A very smooth cold start at extremely low outdoor temperatures
  • A protective lubricant film at operating temperatures
  • Excellent dispersion and detergency
  • Excellent protection against wear


Enersynth (P)HEV 0W-8 is an extremely low-viscosity, fuel-saving, synthetic motor oil for the new generation of passenger cars with ultra-efficient petrol engines, with or without hybrid technology. Due to its special composition and very low viscosity, this modern engine oil makes a significant contribution to achieving low fuel consumption. Due to its low viscosity, this product can also be perfectly used at very low outside temperatures.

Product specifications


Typical standard analyses

Density at 15 °C, kg/l 0,846
Viscosity -35 °C, mPa.s 4190
Viscosity 40 °C, mm²/s 26,00
Viscosity 100 °C, mm²/s 5,24
Viscosity Index 140
Flash Point COC, °C 232
Pour Point, °C -45
Total Base Number, mgKOH/g 6,9
Sulphate Ash, % 0,78