1 x 20 L pail 32667

Atlantic 2T DFI is a premium 2-stroke motor oil, specially developed for use in the latest generation of water-cooled 2-stroke outboard engines with direct fuel injection. The operating temperatures of these DFI engines are very high, thereby increasing the chance of carbon formation. As a result, there is a higher risk of seized piston rings. The product has been formulated using carefully selected, premium base oils, combined with special ashless 2-stroke additives. This carefully balanced formula ensures the following properties:

  • Outstanding lubrication ability
  • Minimal formation of carbon residues
  • Reduced fouling on the spark plugs
  • Limited smoke formation
  • Outstanding detergency, resistance to wear and corrosion
  • Excellent high temperature properties


Atlantic 2T DFI is a premium, ashless 2-stroke motor oil for the latest generation of water-cooled 2-stroke outboard motors with direct fuel injection. The product guarantees maximum engine performance throughout the entire service life of the engine. Use the prescribed mixing ratio.

Please note! Atlantic 2T DFI contains considerably more additives than regular TC-W3 Outboard products. It is therefore unsuitable for conventional outboard engines that require the NMMA TC-W3 specification.

Product specifications


Typical standard analyses

Density at 15 °C, kg/l 0,875
Viscosity 40 °C, mm²/s 43,50
Viscosity 100 °C, mm²/s 7,33
Viscosity Index 132
Flash Point COC, °C 90
Pour Point, °C -42
Total Base Number, mgKOH/g 10,6