1 L tin Kroon-Oil Vintage Gear 90

Available packagings

6 x 1 L tin 34544

Vintage Gear 90 is a fully mineral SAE 90 single-grade transmission oil suitable for use in classic vehicles. Modern transmissions oils are frequently low-viscosity oils and are significantly less suitable, or unsuitable, for use in the transmissions of classic vehicles. That is why Kroon-Oil has developed Classic Oils. A complete range that is tailor-made for use in classic vehicles. Vintage Gear 90 is based entirely on premium mineral base oils with Excellent resistance to ageing and with a naturally high viscosity index.


Vintage Gear 90 is suitable for vintage and classic transmissions subjected to only a light load. These frequently consist of straight or bevel gears and require a API GL-1 transmission oil without so-called 'Extreme Pressure' additives. This lack of EP additives makes Vintage Gear 90 unsuitable for transmissions with spiral bevel gears or hypoid transmissions that are subjected to heavy loads.