Various Classic Oils available in 60 liter drum!

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Optimal maintenance for a boys dream
With the Classic Oil product line, Kroon-Oil offers a complete range of lubricants specially developed for classic vehicles.  All 18 Classic Oil products meet the original specifications, which guarantees safe and optimal lubrication for classic vehicles. The Kroon-Oil Classic Oils are supplied in traditional tins.

Besides the authentic 1 liter can, various Classic Oils are now available in 60 liter drums:

Kroon-Oil Classic Monograde 50           60 lt drum 34789
Kroon-Oil Classic Multigrade 10W-30    60 lt drum 34610
Kroon-Oil Classic Multigrade 15W-40    60 lt drum 34611
Kroon-Oil Classic Racing Oil 15W-50    60 lt drum 34591
Kroon-Oil Classic Multigrade 20W-50    60 lt drum 34612
Kroon-Oil Classic Gear EP 90               60 lt drum 34831