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Engine technology is changing rapidly due to increasingly stringent emissions regulations. The latest technologies are being utilized to meet these international emission requirements, including new generations of high-quality, extremely thin liquid lubricants from the lubricants industry. These lubricants contribute significantly to achieving emissions goals by reducing friction from moving parts, resulting in improved fuel economy. Recently, some Asian car manufacturers such as Toyota have started recommending fuel-saving engine oil with extremely low SAE 0W-8 viscosity.

Therefore, we are proud to announce the new Enersynth (P)HEV 0W-8. This high-quality synthetic motor oil is suitable for the new generation ultra-efficient petrol engines of passenger cars, with or without hybrid technology. Modern additive technology combined with high-quality synthetic base oils with very low viscosity guarantee adequate lubrication and wear protection combined with a significant contribution in achieving low fuel consumption. This product is also ideal for use in very low outdoor temperatures due to its low viscosity. It meets JASO GLV-1 specification, making it suitable for all petrol engines that require SAE 0W-8 engine oil with JASO GLV-1 grade engine oil.

Kroon-Oil Enersynth (P)HEV 0W-8 is now available through Kroon-Oil dealers and is available in various packaging options.

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Find more information about Enersynth (P)HEV 0W-8 here. To place an order, please contact your Kroon-Oil contact person  or place an order via email sales@kroon-oil.nl.

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